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What's in a name …….

Why not create your own video and photo memories by becoming part of the Looking Back Booth's history and contact us for a free no obligation quote today. We keep getting asked how we came up with our company name - Looking Back Booth, our slogan - Keeping your memories alive…, and our website name - lbbooth.co.uk Well despite what a lot of people that meet us assume LBBooth.co.uk was not born by using the 1st letters from our names - Lesley & Bill. The only part that fits is the word booth after the, yes you guessed it, the Booth. The LB represents 'Looking Back' and this is something that we have all done many times with photographs. Most of us will have found that old shoebox or album full of photographs, lost in a cupboard, in the loft or under a bed. Curiosity gets the better of us and we take them out and start to look through them. The next thing our minds start to remember where the photograph was taken, who is in it, who you were with and what you were doing. Simply you have just been 'Looking Back', remembering the memories so you were, 'Keeping your memories alive….' The memories come flooding back and the conversation starts…… This is how the name - Looking Back Booth - lbbooth.co.uk was born Then again ….. It may have started by using the 1st letters of our names - Lesley & Bill Our photo and video entertainment booth does a lot more than take excellent photographs so click here to go along to the photo booth page to see what great facilities are available.

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